Sheridan Teaching Certificate I 2017-18

Course participant, Brown University, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, 2018

In the Sheridan Teaching Seminar, members of the Brown teaching community aim to improve their students’ learning and their own experiences as teachers through a reflective exploration of their own practices and beliefs about teaching. As the first of the Sheridan Center’s teaching certificate programs, the Sheridan Teaching Seminar introduces a number of topics that will help you develop and refine fundamental, evidence-based teaching skills and strategies. Throughout the seminar, you’ll reflect critically on your own teaching and learning experiences; consider how to establish inclusive learning environments that support the diverse students you’ll encounter in your teaching; practice public speaking and communication skills; apply principles of learning design; explore methods of evaluating learning; and investigate how student engagement leads to lasting and deep forms of learning. Those who are new to teaching benefit from the program’s focus on active learning, inclusive teaching, and classroom communication. Participants who have previous teaching experience or who have taken departmental pedagogy courses benefit from the program’s opportunities for cross-disciplinary exchange and continued development of their teaching practice.

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